I recently met Dr. Maria through a mutual friend. I was having a few issues with my Peruvian horse I compete with in Endurance riding.

He works very hard and recently I noticed his gait becoming very choppy and he had reluctancy in going back on the ride after a hold period, this is not him at all! He is a horse that has GO! I started to notice my saddle was very unbalanced and his back was very sensitive by the end of the ride.

I tried saddle changes, pad changes, and increased his feed because he had lost weight and his body changed with competing so hard. Even after changing all of these things I was still having a problem, so I went to a chiropractor who also did acupuncture. I had a few treatments with that Dr. to no avail.  I thought I would just try to work on this over the winter months.

Then I met Dr. Maria, she was very professional with a great passion for animals, especially horses. She came to my barn and spent a great period of time explaining to me how the overall back works and why his gait is breaking and even got on my horse trying the saddle to see if in fact, there was a problem with that alone. After examining him she found him to be very much out of alignment and he had very little flexion. After her adjustments and working with him on different things he was totally relaxed. His head dropped flexion was incredible and he just seemed to have over all relaxation.

I would highly recommend her to all of my horse friends if they compete or not, just to see the relief he had after she was done.

– Nicole Sacco, Polo’s Mom/Human

Magnum is an 18 year old Amish work horse who came to me in a lot of pain and soreness. He could not lay down to rest or roll because his hindquarters were so sore and atrophied. If he tried he would not be able to get back up. Magnum’s neck was so stiff he could not flex to the right or left.

Dr. Maria came to evaluate him and started with gentle adjustments. It was unbelievable that after his first session he had significant improvement. He continued to improve with each session. He is tracking at a walk properly and even trots, something he never did. Magnum has a whole new demeanor now. He eats better and put on a lot of needed weight. He acts like a horse that has received relief from many years of pain.

– Gina, Magnum’s Mom/Human


Gisselle is an eight year old Saddlebred paint mare. I got her from a rescue when she was two years old. No one wanted her because she was a “low back”. She was born this way and learned to adapt to it. There were signs though that she needed some chiropractic help. She was sore in the stifles and pelvis. Gisselle is a “trail horse extraordinaire”. She would love to be an endurance horse. She puts a lot of effort into her trail riding, so keeping her pain free and happy is crucial.

Dr. Maria used her gentle adjustments to help Gisselle overcome her conformational negatives. Gisselle was also a real problem when it came to pulling her front shoes off. Since having Dr. Maria’s chiropractic sessions, Gisselle has not been forging, over reaching or pulling off shoes.

– Gina, Gisselle’s Mom/Human

My (about) 12 year old Pekingese/Tibetan Spaniel mix was really having a hard time with her back. She looked like a camel with one hump.

After just one adjustment I can really see a difference in her. She has a little more spunk in her step. I am very pleased.

I was never a believer in Chiropractic. Since my baby girl was 4 months old she has been going to a chiropractor and is very healthy. So happy I am trying it for my fur babies :) Thank you Dr. Maria.

– Patty Damato, Mona Lisa’s Mom/Human


Thanks to Maria my Arab is moving like a new horse. She rides smoother, moves out better and seems to enjoy the trails now.

It is unbelievable what chiropractic can do for your animals. I was thinking of selling my horse, Sula, before she worked on her because she was so unsteady on the trails. Now she rides like a dream.

And trust me, I'm a physical therapist who was NOT a believer in chiropractic services.

Well I am definitely a believer now!!

– Chrissy, Sula’s Mom/Human


What a remarkable experience to have our two German Shepherds benefit from chiropractic care. Our Lukas and Rhea are extremely active so we are happy that they can be free of any interference with their spines.

My husband and I believe that this can only help our “kids” as they age and mature. We do chiropractic for ourselves and the dogs deserve it as well.

– Sandra Tunnessen, Lukas and Rhea’s Mom/Human